Custom Solutions For Commercial Lighting Upgrades

TIMETOSAVE was incorporated in March 2015 in Melbourne, Victoria with an ambition to be an active contributor in assisting our country to reduce carbon footprint by 65 percent until 2030 through LED lighting upgrade.

Since the inception, the company has been working under Victorian Energy Efficiency Target (VEET) scheme to help Australian businesses and households switch to energy efficient lighting products that save money on energy bills while availing benefits of subsidies.

All our products are VEET approved and they meet Essential Services Commission (ESC) quality and safety standards. All LED replacement and installations are done by A-grade electricians.

TIMETOSAVE offers turnkey energy efficiency upgrade services, with full vertical integration from site analysis, energy saving solutions to implementation and applying government rebates. Our extensive range of premium, energy-efficient LED products cover a broad spectrum of commercial and industrial lighting setups.

We offer an extensive range of LED products and custom services to cater to varying business needs. Some of the major brands we in-house are:

  1. Onsemi
  2. Ledvance Osram
  3. Eco light up
  4. Phillips
  5. Emerald Planet
  6. Haneco
  7. Primsal
  8. Energetic
  9. Wattsgreen
  10. Pierlite Pierlux
  11. SAL
  12. Optitech.

Move from energy-hungry convention lights to energy efficient LED lighting solutions with leading innovations, while saving cost. Join the energy-efficient movement initiated by the Australian Govt. and avail huge subsidies on LED replacement to become an environmental-friendly business.


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