Commercial LED Lighting Upgrades in Victoria

Commercial LED Lighting Upgrade: Warehouse|Industries| Office| Retail| Undercover Car Park & Aged Care 


At TIMETOSAVE, we pride ourselves on the positive impact we are making on the environment, and the reductions our customers see in their energy bills. We are making this happen by helping our customers switch from conventional, energy-consuming lights to energy-efficient LED lights under the government rebate program for commercial LED lighting upgrades.

Keeping operation costs low is crucial for any business. There are simple steps to working smarter with the energy you use and turn it to create cost savings. One of the major factors in this direction is choosing the right energy partner.

At TIMETOSAVE we give our customers the power to choose the right type of lights by offering them a variety of brands to choose from. Example, in case of industrial lights also called as high bays, we in house more 10 different brands to choose from, thus we let the customer decide what is best for him while assisting him in proving all the relevant information.

Warehouse lights are known to be the most energy consuming type of lights as each conventional high bays is lit by 400w mercury vapor or metal halite bulb. We reduce this 400w consumption to anywhere between 90w, 100w, 120w or 150w, depending on the lumen requirement of a particular business.

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    Government Rebates for Commercial LED Lighting Upgrades 

    The government of Victoria is committed to decreasing carbon emissions and helping Victorians in reducing their energy bills. The state provides rebates on lighting upgrades for commercial properties under the VEU program which was formerly titled the VEET scheme. The program is designed to reduce slash your energy consumption by replacing power-guzzling appliances and lights with their energy-efficient equivalent. In order to make your workplace or home energy-efficient, the program offers free LED lights replacements. The free lighting upgrades also help in reducing GHGs emissions.

    Commercial LED office lighting

    Our high-quality office LED lights are intended to better the employee productivity and experience at your workspace or factory floor. We are providing LED office lights that illuminate your workplace without delivering distracting glares. Now it’s time to say goodbye to traditional lights, our energy-effective LED products meet all your commercial lighting needs.

    Switching to LED lights not only helps in creating a conducive working environment but also lessens the ever-increasing burden of power bills and maintenance costs.

    Industrial LED lights

    Industrial LED lights are essential to any commercial establishment, industry, or workplace. Heat emissions of halogens or metal halides don’t offer a favorable working environment. Under the VEU (Victorian Energy Upgrades) program we are offering low-heat emitting high-quality Industrial LED lights, which are explicitly intended for Industrial reasons. There is no match to our LED lights when it comes to light quality, brightness, productivity, and life span.

    LED Warehouse lighting 

    If you ever think about upgrading your current lighting setup in your warehouse, look no further, get in touch with TIMETOSAVE. We provide superior quality warehouse and industrial LED high bay lights under the VEU program while offering a wide range of brands and products to choose from.

    In our limited-time offer, we are replacing old 400w high bays with LED high bays for absolutely free*. The replacement products are from top brands like Philips and Ledvance Osram.

    LED high bays in the warehouse, storage facilities, factories, and other industries is no more an option, instead, it’s the next-generation lighting solution for your business.

    Ready for the change? Here’s how we do a successful commercial LED lighting upgrade

    You probably know that LED lighting upgrade saves money by consuming less energy but is it worthwhile making the switch or is cost involved in process and installation is stopping you from going all out. If that’s the case with you, you are not the only one out there. Following points may help you in decision-making.

     Why LEDs are better than old lights?

    Let’s outline some inefficiencies with old lights, such as halogen and fluorescent lights. Halogen bulbs in high bays get hot minutes after switching on because a proportion of electricity they use goes into creating unwanted heat instead of light.

    However, fluorescent tubes are more efficient than halogen lights as they produce less heat. Lights we see in places like offices, homes, car parks, etc. are generally fluorescent tubes.

    Fluorescent lights last longer owing to the fact that they produce less heat. But they have other disadvantages like they emit light in all directions.

    LEDs, or Light Emitting Diodes, on other hand are more efficient than both halogens and fluorescent lights. LEDs produce negligibly low heat because most of the electric energy is converted into light – about 85% or more. The movement of electrons in a semiconductor material for illumination is the reason for low energy consumption.

    As a result, LED high bays may last up to 50,000 operational hours and LED tubes may last up to 30,000 operational hours. For businesses, LEDs ensure a significant reduction in energy and maintenance costs.

    government rebates for commercial LED lighting upgrades Is there a catch?

    No! Perhaps most business owners are reluctant in making the switch because of the initial cost involved. However, with the introduction of government initiatives and subsidies like VEET and ESS, most of the commercial products like LED high bays, office LED panels, LED tubes, etc., come at minimum to no cost.

    Also, concerns about day-to-day operations getting affected during installation, searching for the right product(s) and lighting company, sourcing the right product(s), and final installation are the factors that may also stop a business owner from making the switch. We at TIMETOSAVE ensure your peace of mind while we take care of end-to-end lifecycle of the LED upgrade. We offer quality LED products from premium brands, installation from A-grade electricians and post-installation support.

    government rebates for commercial LED lighting upgrades How we do it?

    We follow a process where we work in close proximity with our clients to help perform energy-efficient lighting upgrade. We understand our client’s business type, operations and existing energy usage to offer a lighting solution that delivers in long term.

    Our sort-after upgrade procedure helps our clients with a successful end-to-end LED lighting upgrade process. Besides, we offer our clients to choose from a range of VEET-approved LED products to make sure you get a solution that saves you time and money in short as well as long term.

    government rebates for commercial LED lighting upgrades Convinced?


    Wondering where to start? Keep reading…

    Where to start with LED lighting upgrade?

    Your decision of making the switch may primarily be influenced by concerns like high energy bills, high maintenance costs, and/or bad light or dark patches in your premises. And your choice of going for LED lighting upgrade is a small victory in itself. Because you are moving from the conventional to the modern way of operation that is smarter and cost-effective.

    You can start your LED lighting upgrade. Now comes the task of finding the LED lighting solution that’s suitable for your business. These steps will help you achieve a successful LED upgrade:

    government rebates for commercial LED lighting upgrades Steps to a successful LED lighting upgrade:

    LED upgrade is a long term investment. Quality lighting solution will always offer better long term results as compared to short term costs.

    Choose your LED lighting provider based on experience and reputation instead of going with the one who offers the cheapest quote(s).

    Ask for business references to check the credibility of your LED lighting provider.

    Evaluate the commercial lighting proposal carefully before moving forward. A good commercial lighting proposal must include:

    • A summary of your existing lighting and energy usage
    • Recommendations for your new LED lighting solution
    • ROI calculations
    • A summary of the energy savings you can expect
    • A summary of the maintenance savings you can expect
    • How long it will take the solution to pay for itself
    • Details of the government rebates
    • Check for warranties

    Inquire how the provider will perform the installation without affecting your day-to-day operations. Check if they can do the installation on weekends or after working hours.

    These steps will ensure a legitimate and smooth LED upgrade that ensures low energy consumption and high returns.

    This is the future and it’s here!

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