Commercial Solar Rebates in Victoria 2023


The state government’s commercial solar rebates allow businesses to install solar systems with huge subsidies in 2023. The rebate potentially covers up to 50% of the total cost of a PV system, depending on the location of your business and size of the system installed.

About Commercial Solar Rebates in Victoria 2023

The government’s commercial solar rebate scheme allows businesses to install solar systems with substantial subsidies. The rebate potentially covers up to 50% of the total cost of a PV system, depending on the location of the business and size of the system installed.

Small scale installations are qualified for Small-Scale Technology Certificate (STCs) that can provide an upfront discount of up to 50% off the installation cost of a solar system. STCs are generated when installing a solar system that is 100kW or under. It can vary from $60,000 to $70,000 for a 99kW system.

Each certificate amounts to 1 Megawatt hour (MWh) of solar energy. These certificates are traded in an open market as part of a scheme included in the Australian Government’s Renewable Energy Target. Electricity retailers are liable to purchase a certain amount of certificates every year. The number of STCs required to be purchased and surrendered by electricity retailers is set each year by the small-scale technology percentage​.​​

Consequently, the price of an STC varies according to market demand for renewable energy. The typical price of a Small–Scale Technology Certificate over the first three months of 2023 has been roughly $37.

State-wide Solar Subsidy Program for Small Businesses

Commercial-Solar-Rebates-in-VictoriaBoth federal and state governments propose appealing rebates under the Renewable Energy Target scheme for businesses allowing commercial solar installation. With handsome rebates on offer for businesses, commercial solar installation has become more affordable than ever for small businesses. Such solar PV units can become even more economically viable option for a business that have upgraded gas/electrically heated water storage system to a heat pump based water heater.

Commercial solar rebates in Victoria can help businesses reach a positive return on investment sooner while providing an additional revenue stream. The rebates vary depending on the various configurations, such as less than 30 kW system to 100 kW solar system. Moreover, businesses could save more than $20,000 per annum and cover up to 60% of energy usage with a 100kW solar system installation.

What are Small-Scale Technology Certificates (STCs)?

small-scale-technology-certificatesSmall-Scale Technology Certificates (STCs) are part of the Australian Renewable Energy Target, aiming to increase the generation of renewable energy in Australia and decrease greenhouse gas emissions. To counterbalance carbon emissions, energy retailers purchase these certificates created after installing renewable energy systems such as solar panel systems at a Victorian business.

Different contributing factors such as location of the solar system, installation date, and the amount of energy a system generates determine the number of certificates generated, which are traded to recover the PV system cost. Normally, the STC incentive is paid as an upfront discount off the total cost of a solar system.

More Savings for Small Business Owners

More-Savings-for-Small-Business-OwnersCommercial solar system installation is not just an expenditure but an investment as well. Solar panels can save energy hence huge money for businesses. With the state government providing substantial discounts on solar, installing a solar system has become easier and more affordable for small businesses.
Solar PV module prices have dropped by 89% since 2010. With dropping solar panel costs, installing solar systems makes more sense. Besides, installing a solar PV system can help you protect your business against future energy price hikes.

We offer three types of commercial solar installation under government solar rebate:

  1. Rooftop arrays
  2. Ground mounts
  3. Carports

Learn How Commercial Solar Gives Your Business an Edge

With electricity prices continuously increasing and commercial solar installation at record-low prices, there has never been a better time to go solar. In addition to helping the environment, commercial solar installation also offers businesses like yours many advantages and competitive edge in terms of:

  • Reduced energy costs for years to come
  • Positive ROI from the very beginning
  • Drastically reduced long-term operating costs
  • More financially sustainable operations
  • Marketing leverage
  • Ability to reinvest your monthly savings

Furthermore, solar PV systems are long-lived and can easily last for several decade. Commercial solar systems offer businesses a renewal source of energy for many years.

How We Can Help Your Business

Installing commercial solar systems has emerged as a popular way to go green and reduce energy bills, simultaneously. Therefore, we offer solar solutions that best suit your business and energy requirements.

We use proven modern technology in combination with high-quality and efficient solar panels to ensure high ROI and low maintenance. Solar panels and inverters we install are CEC-approved, ensuring quality installation and reduced energy bills.

The installation team draws the easy-to-understand structure of quotes and commercial needs, with prompt post-installation services and support. The service of to-the-minute tracking lets business owners like you know exactly how much is your business saving on energy bills.

Installing Solar System under the Victoria Solar Rebate Program is a Smart Decision

Installing a solar system under the Victoria solar rebate scheme is a smart decision as it will allow you to take advantage of so many benefits that come along.

Solar energy comes from the largest renewable source: the sun, implying that it does not run out, unlike energy sources like fossil fuels. The commercial solar system provides a source of sustainable energy. Moreover, solar power is clean energy that helps save the environment.

Solar system is an investment guaranteed to reduce energy bills and provide a real and tangible return on investment (ROI). Promoting clean energy, the Victoria solar rebates provide further incentives to install a solar system. Besides, solar systems are low-maintenance.

It is a wise decision as companies that generate their own energy through solar system improve their perceived brand value by their clients, customers, and competitors.

Solar Installation Process

Our solar installation process begins with the delivery of a customized solar PV system that maximizes energy generation based on the available space and meets energy requirement of the business.

Here’s the complete installation process


1. Evaluate your energy requirements by:
• Discussing your goals in detail
• Examining your site and electricity usage
• Directing incentives and local regulatory codes
• Recommending a solar system that best suits your needs
• Offer the best solar quote

2. Site visit and proposal
We visit your site to check the initial details such as roof area, amount of sunlight it gets, electrical systems, and energy consumption. We then present the final proposal, showing exactly how much you can expect to save by installing a solar PV system.

3. Designing your solar system
After site assessment, your solar system is finalised that meets your energy needs and engineer a final structural and electrical layout.

4. Solar PV system installation
Our installers work on the installation plan without disturbing your day-to-day operations. Our team finishes the installation in a timely, safe and resourceful manner.
We test the system before going live. Finally, the solar system is live and generating energy. Post-install performance of the system is monitored to ensure maximum efficiency and ROI.

What Kinds of Businesses Benefit from Commercial Solar Rebates in Victoria?

Various businesses are benefiting from commercial solar rebates in Victoria in form of reduced power bills, positive ROI, and energy security.

Cold Storage Facilities: Cold storage facilities need to keep the refrigerators running all day long, and it can be quite expensive. By investing in a commercial solar PV system, cold storage facilities like yours can minimise the amount of money spent on power bills.

Warehouse and Manufacturing Units: Manufacturing is one of the most energy-intensive industries and requires a lot of power to run. Solar can provide a renewable source of energy to such businesses.

Printing Facilities: Printing businesses are the perfect candidate for commercial solar installation. Power consumption is high, they can benefit ideally from the never-ending energy of the sun.

Businesses in Rural Locations: Businesses in rural Australia need to be much more self-sufficient, as they do not receive much power lines. Solar power reduces dependency on the grid and increases energy security.

Other 24-hour Businesses: Businesses that run 24/7 consume a lot of power at all hours of the day and night. Such businesses include hotels, convenience stores, fitness centres, entertainment complexes, hospitals and other medical centres.

Why Choose Us for Commercial Solar Installation?

Solar is a quickly growing industry and a most beneficial one. Like with any other feature of your business, you want to choose only the most experienced and reputable solar companies to collaborate with.

Unlike many newer competitors, we offer experience and know-how, a long-term commitment, affordable and honest financing options and guaranteed positive ROI.

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