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Government Rebates For Commercial LED Lighting Upgrade

The mean surface temperature in Australia has increased by 1.47 °C since the national weather record keeping began in 1910. To offset the varied impacts of this human-induced warming, the Australian government enacted the Carbon Credits (Carbon Farming Initiative) Act in 2011.

Under this act, Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs) — or energy-efficiency certificates — are issued to certify that 1000 kilograms of carbon dioxide (or other greenhouse gasses like methane and nitrous) have either been sequestered or not released into the atmosphere due to climate friendly choices adopted by an individual or an organization.

The energy-efficiency upgrade activities offered by TimeToSave in partnership with the National Carbon Bank of Australia (NCBA) — under the Emission Reduction Fund scheme — helps Australians in making the pro-climate choices and reduce the release of greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere.

Businesses We Upgrade

Parking Lots

Benefits of Commercial Lighting Upgrades in Queensland

  • Substantial energy savings
  • Rebates and incentives offered to Queensland based businesses
  • Lower utility costs
  • Reduced impact on environment due to emission reductions
  • Better lighting quality
  • Customizable lighting options suitable to the business need
  • Improved visibility
  • Increased productivity
  • Lighting fixtures with aesthetic appeal
  • Better customer experience
  • Reduced maintenance and replacement costs

What is Emission Reduction Fund scheme?

Emission Reduction Fund (ERF) scheme is one of the several (others are VEU, ESS, and REES) carbon reduction and credit scheme. Unlike the other state-specific carbon credit schemes, carbon credits under the ERF program can be generated by running energy-efficiency activities in Queensland and other states.

The ERF program was enacted by the federal government of Australia as the Carbon Credits (Carbon Farming Initiative) Act in 2011. It is governed and regulated by the Clean Energy Regulator (CER).

What to consider while upgrading commercial lights?

  • Upgrade cost
  • ROI
  • Government rebates and incentives
  • Compatibility with existing fittings
  • Lighting design and aesthetics

Brands we use in commercial lighting upgrades

Our Commercial Lighting Upgrade Process

TIMETOSAVE works in partnership with NCBA (National Carbon Bank Of Australia), and is authorized to create ACCUs in Queensland.



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