VEU LED Lighting Upgrade Coming to Victorian Households in January 2019

With the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target (VEET) energy efficiency program getting a brand new identity, the rebate scheme has expanded its horizon to households and big businesses across the state. This means the government’s energy efficiency program will be focusing more on residential lighting upgrades from January 1 2019 onward under the VEU LED Lighting Upgrade program. The accredited providers will be able to replace CFLs with LED lights across Victorian households. This comes after the Essential Services Commission’s (ESC) announcement at ESC Forum. The rebate scheme was first introduced in 2008 with an ambition to replace energy-consuming old globes in households with CFL bulbs. The drive got almost all globes replaced in Victorian households. Upgrading to more energy-efficient LEDs from CFLs is the next phase of the same scheme. With the Victorian energy efficiency program kicking in under a new name, the residential LED lighting upgrade will be the major focus of the scheme, alongside commercial upgrades. Know More: Residential LED Lighting Upgrade The energy efficiency program helps businesses and households across Victoria reduce power bills and greenhouse gas emissions by making a switch to energy-efficient LED products under the rebate scheme. VEU promotes conservation and increased efficiency of energy by providing incentives for energy efficiency upgrades. Energy efficiency upgrade is the need of the hour because it can help businesses and households cut energy costs. Choosing energy-efficient LED lights positively impact the environment and savings. Fill in the contact form below to replace old lights in your house with energy-efficient LED lights today.