Retail Store LEDs

Retail lighting done right, can showcase your merchandize in an appealing manner and enhance customer experience.

If you are considering a lighting upgrade from old, flickering and energy consuming lights, it’s time to consider installing LED tubes, downlights and shoplights.

With much less wattage consumption and compact size, energy efficient LED products at your retail will provide higher color rendering performance, better illumination while saving your money on energy bills. Needless to mention, LED lights will last almost forever.

If your retail outlet in Victoria qualifies for subsidies towards energy efficiency upgrades, it’s a win-win situation.

TimeToSave provides top of the line LED products uniquely designed for retail stores that can be mounted from the wall, ceiling or floor along with the other services needed for a complete installation.

Disclaimer: The Victoria government has removed incentives for residential and commercial lighting activities (with an exception for T8/T5 tubes in commercial units) with effect from 1 February, 2023.


Retail Store LED Products