Disclaimer: The Victoria government has removed incentives for residential and commercial lighting activities (with an exception for T8/T5 tubes in commercial units) with effect from 1 February, 2023.

LED Light Replacement for Victorian Households

What is LED Light Replacement/Upgrade under VEU?

Lights are the biggest energy consumers in households. They are responsible for more than 40 percent of the average household energy bills. Home appliances also consume energy, but you can’t simply go and replace your refrigerator or washing machine with the new one.

Switching to energy-efficient LED lights is your best bet to help reduce energy bills. We say so because this doesn’t only impact your energy bills and overall ambiance of your house positively, but also reduces carbon footprint—which is one of the biggest reasons residential LED lighting upgrade is an essential part of the VEU (previously known as VEET) government program.

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What is Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU)?

VEU – Victoria’s very own and famous energy-saving rebate program. VEU stands for Victorian Energy Upgrades. It was previously known as Victorian Energy Efficiency Target (VEET).

The ultimate goal of the program is to explore new ways to reduce energy usage, power bills, and greenhouse emission.

VEU (aka VEET) scheme aims to:

  • Make energy upgrades affordable across the nation
  • Help nation decrease greenhouse emission
  • Generate more employment
  • Encourage innovation in energy efficiency tech and service industry

For over a decade, the government rebate scheme has been helping Victorian households and businesses with energy efficiency upgrades. The program allows accredited service providers to perform energy upgrades in a foolproof and regulated manner.

Victoria households and business can now get free upgrade of chimney seals and heat pump hot water systems.

TIMETOSAVE works in partnership with Glow Green Pty Ltd – an Accredited Provider (AP) under the VEU program.

The scheme first came into being in January 2009.

According to the Essential Services Commission (ESC), in the last 10 years, the program has generated more than 50 million energy efficiency certificates (VEECs).

In simple words, 50 million VEECs are equal to 50 million tonnes of greenhouse gas stopped from entering into the atmosphere.

More than 100,000 energy-efficient products have been installed in homes and businesses in Victoria under the energy efficiency program in 2017 alone.


How VEU Works?

  1. VEU provides Victorian households and businesses access to discounted energy-efficient products and upgrades.
  2. Every upgrade allows accredited providers to generate Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates (VEECs).
  3. Each certificate represents one tonne of greenhouse gas that has been prevented from entering our atmosphere.
  4. Accredited providers then sell these certificates to energy retailers.
  5. The Victorian government sets annual greenhouse gas reduction targets that require energy retailers to buy a certain number of certificates.

In 10 years of operation, VEU program has:

  • Generated over 50 million energy efficiency certificates (VEECs)
  • Supported the installation of over 30 million energy-efficient products

In 2018, savings from activities undertaken over the past 10 years are estimated to save Victorian households and businesses more than $500 million.

How is it Subsidized?

The lighting upgrade is done under the VEU scheme – which is a mandatory carbon reduction scheme devised by the Victorian government.

The aim of the scheme is to reduce the greenhouse emissions of Victoria by replacing old, energy-hungry (incandescent/CFL) lights with energy-efficient LED lights through accredited providers.

These providers replace inefficient lights with highly efficient LED lighting by creating and trading energy savings certificates (VEECs).

What Does This Mean For You?

VEU is providing rebates on the cost of LED lights. If you are still using incandescent bulbs or CFLs in your home or business, you can get them replaced with LED lights under the rebate scheme.

As a business owner (irrespective of business size), you can save big in lighting under the VEU program.

If you are one of the large energy users, the expansion could help you save thousands of dollars on energy bills with subsidised energy efficiency upgrades.

VEU is Targeting:

  • Year           Tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions abated through energy efficiency
  • 2018         6.1 million
  • 2019         6.3 million
  • 2020         6.5 Million

Free LED Lights Replacement in Victoria under Victorian Energy Upgrades Program

How can you Benefit from LED Upgrade in Victoria Under the VEU Program?

The state government is helping Victorian households reduce their power bills by offering financial incentives for LED lights upgrades through the VEU program.

  • LED products are energy efficient. They are approved under the government rebate scheme. We as an experienced LED installer apply for these rebates and incentives on your behalf to provide a subsidized LED lighting upgrade for your home.
  • LEDs save about 80% in energy costs compared with halogen and incandescent lights.
  • Lights with motion sensors and daylight harvesting can save a lot more.
  • The LED lamps last much longer, reducing renovation/replacement costs.
  • LED lights are cooler to run, meaning lower air conditioning costs.
  • LED products we offer are from top brands like Philips, Ledvance Osram, etc.
  • Our lighting solutions suit your home
  • Quality lighting with a 1-year product warranty
  • LED replacement products: Downlights
  • Other replacement products: Downlights, Tube lights, panels, floodlights
  • Long-lasting LED lighting can save up to 80% of your lighting costs

How to Take Advantage of VEU Government Program?

The motive of VEU is no net cost to energy customers. This is because energy upgrades reduce energy bills and demand for more power generation and infrastructure upgrades.

Here’s how you can participate in the program and avail rebates for an upgrade:

  • To receive a rebate or incentive on energy-efficient lighting upgrade, all you need is to get in touch with an LED lighting installer. We are an experienced LED installer who performs lighting upgrades in Victoria under the VEU program. We do the complete documentation on your behalf to ensure your successful participation in the program to avail subsidized LED upgrade.
  • We take care of the decommissioning of removed products.
  • LED products we use are approved under the VEU program to meet minimum efficiency, quality, and safety benchmarks.
  • All upgrades are done by A-grade electricians.

Why Does Your House Need LED Light Replacement in Victoria?

Subsidized: LED lighting upgrade for households under VEU government program in Victoria is subsidized.

Savings: Savings of up to 80% on energy bills through energy efficiency

No/Low Maintenance: Eliminate your lighting maintenance costs because LED lights last over 50,000 hours or 20 years. Meaning no more blown bulbs.

Brighter light: Light output is much better. Our clients are happy with improved lighting, better colours, and efficiency.

Low air-conditioning costs: LED lights run much cooler than old, inefficient lights. Meaning you save on air-conditioning costs as well.


Install an exhaust fan seal or draft stopper to further reduce your air-con costs.


Eco-friendly: Create an inviting experience in your home while promoting sustainability.


FAQs about LED Light Replacement

Q: Is it completely free?

No! The Victoria government has removed incentives for residential and commercial lighting activities (with an exception for T8/T5 tubes in commercial units) with effect from 1 February, 2023.

Q: Are there any installation charges?


Q: Am I eligible for subsidized LED light replacement under the government scheme?

All Victorian households and businesses using old lights are eligible for subsidized LED light replacement under the Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU) program.

Q: Who installs the lights?

LED lights are installed by certified A-grade electricians.

Q: Is it safe to upgrade household/workplace lights during the pandemic?

We follow the COVIDSafe protocols and guidelines issued by the Victoria government to ensure health and wellbeing of Victorian residents. For a minimum contact, we follow six principles of COVIDSafe: 1) Ensuring physical distancing (1.5 meters) 2) Wearing a face mask 3) Practicing good hygiene 4) Keeping good records and acting quickly if staff become unwell 5) Avoiding interactions in close spaces 6) Creating workforce bubbles

Q: What type of energy-saving activities are available to householders?

LED lighting upgrades for households and businesses. Replace globes, CFLs, and halogen downlights with energy-efficient LED bulbs and downlights.

Q: Are energy upgrades delivered by the Victorian government?

VEU is an initiative by the Victoria government. However, the upgrades are performed by Accredited Providers (APs) approved by the ESC under the energy upgrade program. The ultimate goal of the state government is to achieve energy efficiency targets in association with accredited providers and Victorian households and businesses.

Q: Who can perform residential LED lighting upgrades?

Businesses accredited under the VEU program. An Accredited Provider (AP) may perform lighting upgrades themselves or contract the work to third-party installers to provide discounted energy products or services to residential customers.

TIMETOSAVE works in partnership with Glow Green Pty Ltd – an Accredited Provider (AP) under the VEU program.

Q: Why choose TIMETOSAVE to upgrade your old lighting?

  • Because we help you upgrade old lights to energy-efficient LED lights under the VEU scheme.
  • We are your energy partner who handles the upgrade process from start to finish.
  • We will give professional advice based on your energy usage data.
  • Quality guaranteed. We install high-quality products with a 1-year warranty

Q:  Is it compulsory to upgrade my home to energy-efficient LED products?

No, your participation is voluntary. However, you can accept or reject an offer made by APs or their representatives. The state government wants every household in Victoria to switch to LED products for energy efficiency and reduced power bills.

Q: What is the best time to switch to LED lights?

Now. Because incentives for lighting upgrades may not be around forever. Before the governing body makes new changes in the program, get it done now!

Q: Why do I have to sign the paperwork?

You need to sign paperwork so that AP or their representative (LED lighting installer) can create energy certificates (VEECs). Plus to ensure the licensed and trained technicians install the equipment correctly and safely.

The paperwork must be done before the installation is complete.

Q: Why do you have to use VEU-approved products?

To receive the benefits of the VEU scheme. VEU approved products offer the latest LED technology, longer lifespan, better lighting, and energy efficiency.

Q: What are VEECs and VEEC creation?

Victorian energy efficiency certificate (VEEC) is the name of the certificate created under the VEU scheme. An AP creates VEECs by submitting (to the ESC) data of LED lighting upgrades it has performed in a household or business unit.

Q: Can I keep my old/removed bulbs?


Q: Why?

Because they need to be appropriately disposed of by AP or installer. This is to ensure that old bulbs are not used somewhere else after being removed.

Q: Do APs/Installers need to recycle removed/decommissioned products?

It is compulsory for APs/installers to ensure the recycling of decommissioned products in a verifiable manner. ESC – the program governing body – verifies this by looking into recycling receipts as evidence of proper decommissioning.

Q: As a residential energy consumer, how can I benefit from the VEU scheme?

The aim of VEU (VEET) scheme is to create opportunities for energy consumers in Victorian households to install their old light/globes/CFLs at no cost.