retail LED lighting upgrade

Demanding lighting applications require accurate colour renderings and ambient output that turns your business into a shimmering oasis.

Unlike conventional lights, LED lighting solutions are more sophisticated option that lower the electricity bills by consuming less energy.

A well-lit space looks interesting and inviting. Good lighting always draws in more potential customers and enhances their overall experience.

  • Transform your space into a brighter, more productive work environment with LED upgrades
  • Payback period is less than 12 months
  • Easy installation
  • Average lifespan is 5 times than those of fluorescent tubes
  • Covered under VEET scheme

Brighten your store with LED replacement,while saving on energy bills.


It is no brainer, lights in manufacturing units are important as they play an essential role to get the desired outputs lumens.

LED lighting solutions for manufacturing units are designed to shrink energy expenses and radically reduce the need for maintenance.

Supremely, manufacturing units are lit by large 400 Watt bulbs which can be a metal halide or mercury vapor. As each light consumes about 400w of electricity one can imagine the cost involved in keeping these running and not to forget they get heated up and are actually considered as fire hazard.

  • Choose from a wide range of products
  • Huge saving on electricity bills
  • Installation performed from best in the business installers
  • Maintain a responsible, environmentally friendly image.
  • Covered under VEET scheme

Turn your manufacturing unit to an energy efficient set up with LED replacement.

Industrial LED lighting upgrade

Appropriate lighting plays a critical role in warehouse and storage units, because smooth and efficient operation depends on bright, reliable illumination. The architectural settings and operational requirements of warehouses are responsible for characteristics like high ceilings and large floor area, resulting in varied brightness.

TIMETOSAVE prides itself in providing innovative LED lighting solutions that not only ensure uniform illumination but also an environment that takes advantage of energy efficiency.

  • Huge saving on electricity bills
  • Extended life
  • Instant brightness
  • Reduced UV emission
  • Covered under VEET scheme

Make your warehouse lighting impact and temperature resistant with LED light replacement.


These are some of the areas which are artificially lit 24×7 all year round, resulting in high energy consumption and costs. LED lights help reduce overall energy and maintenance costs.

LEDs distribute light evenly to ensure safety of motorists and pedestrians while consuming comparatively less energy.

  • A cost effective retrofit solution
  • Simple commissioning and operations
  • Improved illumination
  • Installation performed by professionals

Move to modern and environmentally friendly lighting solutions while availing 100% rebate.


Power bills take a fair chunk of the overall operational expenses thus smart businesses look at overall aspects of operations to see potential areas where they can save money, operate more efficiently and promote best practice.

There are several studies and reports being published showing the positive effects of LED lighting solution and its influence on human energy, mood, vitality and performance.

  • Reduce overall operational cost
  • Operate in environmentally friendly way
  • Installations are done with marginal effect on day-to-day operations
  • Smart lighting with built-in motion sensors
  • Covered under VEET scheme

Move to energy efficient and technology controlled lighting solutions.


In food industry, prevention of food contamination, spoilage and bacterial growth are some of the foremost concerns. Quality lighting plays a vital role in maintaining a conducive environment.

LED lighting in production facility is currently the most energy efficient technology as LED lights provide more lumens per watt and maintain a longer lifespan.

TIMETOSAVE incorporates many unique design features that comply with food production and manufacturing standards.The full range of LED lighting solutions are suitable across various sectors of the food industry, such as beverages, cold storage’s and cool rooms, dairies and packaged goods.

  • Long lifespan and maintenance requirements will be reduced.
  • Low heat output to maintain desired temperature levels
  • No UV light, so bugs will not be attracted
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Covered under VEET scheme

Get smarter and energy efficient by switching to LED lights.


LED solutions are the answer to lowering overall carbon footprint of educational institutions while imparting knowledge of energy-efficient environment to future generation.

We at TIMETOSAVE believe in the premium LED lighting solutions for schools and educational institutions to facilitate better ambiance and learning environment.

  • Improve the look and overall ambiance of the space
  • Installations are done with marginal effect on day-to-day operations
  • Choose from a wide range of products
  • Create a well-lit environment to reduce eye fatigue
  • Covered under VEET scheme

Create energy efficient environment while fostering knowledge to the future generation.


Creating an inviting environment for guests is crucial in the hotel industry. But this comes at a price. We offer a great selection of hotel LED lighting solutions that are cost-effective and energy efficient.

There are various areas in hotel like hallways, conference rooms, lobby, outdoor area and rooms. Each area has its unique lighting requirements and we cater to varying lighting needs.

  • Colour choices for different areas
  • Better controls through sensors
  • Cost-effective
  • Professional services and warranties
  • Covered under VEET scheme

Improved guest experience through ambient LED lighting.

aviation free led light replacement

Aircraft hangars are typically equipped with energy-inefficient lights that fail to produce the recommended light levels.

LED lighting systems provide improved light quality while reducing energy consumption, carbon footprint and maintenance costs.Producing more intense light provides a combined efficient monitoring and surveillance mechanism.

  • Minimal lumen deprecation
  • Aid visualisation for people and performance
  • Better controls through sensors
  • Reduce overall operational cost
  • Covered under VEET scheme

Create a safer and more responsive environment with LED replacement.