• Save up to 70% on lighting cost by upgrading your office to LED
  • Improve office environment and enhance productivity
  • Create lighting that resembles natural light

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    LED Panels We Install

    LED Panels are the best replacement for old panels with 36W T8/T5 fluorescent tubes. They improve the overall ambiance of your space with a very natural light.
    The colour temperature of LED Panels (cool white) is 4000K and (while stark white) 5000K. The light output is high – up to 7000 lumens, and power consumption is very low.

    Disclaimer: The Victoria government has removed incentives for residential and commercial lighting activities (with an exception for T8/T5 tubes in commercial units) with effect from 1 February, 2023.


    • Primsal PPAN18W3X125KCS
    • Primsal PPAN18W3X125KDS
    • Primsal PPAN18W3X126KCS
    • Primsal PPAN18W3X126KDS
    • Primsal PPAN20W6X65KCS
    • Primsal PPAN20W6X65KDS
    • Primsal PPAN20W6X66KCS
    • Primsal PPAN20W6X66KDS
    • Emerald Planet EP-VG-S123-17
    • Emerald Planet EP-VG-T63-10

    Upgrade Your Office to LEDs

    Lighting plays an important role not just in enhancing performance and productivity at office but also in creating a healthy work environment for employees. It is imperative for workplaces to have effective lighting that has a soothing effect and reduces electricity bills at the same time.

    Inefficient lighting causes increased power bills, while an upgrade to LED Panels and Tubes effectively counteracts high energy cost with energy efficiency.

    We provide lighting solutions that best suit all kinds of workplace environments. LED products we install are highly energy-efficient, longer lasting, and soothing to the eyes.

    Reduce your energy bills up to 70% by upgrading your traditional office lights to LED lights. TimeToSave has a complete range of LED Panel lights approved under the VEU (formerly VEET) program to upgrade an office suite, office floor or a full office block. Depending on your requirement, we can help you with a highly energy-efficient lighting solution.

    The Government Initiative

    VEU Program by the Victorian government is designed to help business owners lower their electricity consumption through energy-saving initiatives like free (or heavily subsidized) LED lighting and heat pump water heater upgrades for businesses across the state.

    We replace traditional lights with new LED products under the VEU scheme to ensure your eligibility for a FREE or rebated energy upgrade under the government initiative.

    Switching from traditional office lighting to LEDs can’t get easier with fully subsidized LED upgrade being offered by the Victorian government.

    Contact us for a no obligation assessment, and our team will provide you a detailed proposal outlining limitations of your existing lighting and a suitable, energy-efficient lighting solution that can save you thousands of dollars on your annual energy bills.

    Why Upgrade Your Office to LEDs?

    Because upgrading your office to LEDs is the most effective way to reduce your energy bill by 70% and make your workspace livelier.
    Apart from energy efficiency, LED Panels & Tubes are:

    • A lighting solution that resembles natural light
    • Very Effective in enhancing mood, energy and creating responsive work environment
    • Suitable for enhancing employee performance by almost 3%
    • An eco-friendly way to light up your business and reduce carbon footprint

    Key Considerations

    LED light is very natural, a reason it is more reliable and comfortable to the eyes. We vouch for the reliability and quality LED products provide. While upgrading your business to LED, we assess following key considerations before providing a lighting solution and LED products that best suit your workplace.

    • Energy consumption
    • Business work hours
    • Nature of business and the way light contributes to it
    • Size of your premises
    • Suitability of automated lighting for your space

    But My Current Lights Aren’t Broken

    Since you have grown accustomed to your existing lighting, it is but natural for you to be reluctant to change and believe what you have is good enough. However, that’s far from true. Even though your florescent tubes and halogen downlights are functioning just fine, they are consuming almost 70% more electricity than required, leading to huge power bills. Also, these lights tend to burn, frequently amounting to maintenance and replacement costs.

    By upgrading to LED, you are giving your business an option to relish the high energy efficiency, which will help save upwards of 70% on your electricity bills. Also, LED lights have a very long lifespan – over 10 times, thus minimizing cost of maintenance and replacement considerably.

    Why Go LED With Us?

    • Enjoy LED upgrade under the VEU program
    • Slash your electricity bill by over 70%
    • Low/no maintenance cost and outage. LED products we install have a very long lifespan
    • Improved, natural looking light

    What will LED Lights do to Your Office Space?

    It is believed that LED lights do not show colours faithfully. The notion is completely false. We install high Colour Rendering Index (CRI) lights, which are pleasant lights and fulfil the lighting need of your workspace. LEDs don’t flicker and create any humming sounds, which help create a congenial environment.

    LED Panels offer:

    • Quality light output
    • Longevity
    • Low glare
    • Flicker-free drivers
    • Uniform light distribution
    • Increased productivity

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