Old lights for industrial use (warehouses, manufacturing units and factories) utilize high wattage lamps of around 36W-140W capacity to illuminate the facility. The problem with old lights, however, is high energy consumption and low light output. Despite high energy consumption, they leave dark patches, because 35%-40% of total electricity supply is wasted as heat.

Energy efficiency in industrial sector is crucial because huge power bills is one of the biggest expenses that affects the bottom line adversely. Energy costs can be drastically reduced by over 80% by upgrading old tubes and troffers to LED panels and battens.

We replace 36W-140W lights with energy-efficient equivalents ranging from 12W to 16W, depending on the lux requirements and ceiling height to achieve a significant reduction (over 80%) in energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

LED lights provide longer and wider beam angles as compared to the traditional counterparts, meaning brightly illuminated facility. Better illumination means better, and safe work environment and improved productivity.

Additional Features Like Daylight & Motion Sensors Further Reduce Overall Energy Consumption

Why Swap Old Lights with LED Lights?

  • Low energy consumption
  • Much higher lux levels
  • Better brightness
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Safe workplace
  • Better work environment
  • Improved productivity
  • No heat emission
  • No greenhouse gas emissions

Installation by Expert A-Grade Electricians

Lighting requirements in industrial setups vary significantly depending on the work environment and type of work conducted in the space. Our LED products and upgrade process are strictly in line with the VEU program. All the upgrades are done by the A-Grade electricians. We devise and deliver highly energy efficient lighting solutions while keeping in mind your lighting requirements so that you can save thousands of dollar on your power bills.

We only install VEU-approved LED lights to ensure your eligibility for rebated installation (depending on your business type) under the Victorian Energy Upgrades program – a state government initiative to help Victorians cut power bills and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by giving businesses access to discounted energy-efficient LED products and services.

The ultimate outcome of the energy upgrade is the best volumetric illumination that reduces shady patches and increases the perceived volume of space at reduced energy consumption and cost, thanks to high energy efficiency and versatile nature of LED lights.

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