Free energy monitor in Victoria

Please enter your details to receive your FREE energy monitor (in-home display) from TimeToSave Pty Ltd under the VEU program. IHD or Energy Monitor helps you understand and manage your energy use and reduce energy costs.


Free Energy Monitor  – Victorian Government Initiative

Ever wondered how to visualize your household energy consumption (kilowatt-hour usage on your phone/computer screen) and control it as per the time of use (TOU) or differential pricing tariff charged by your energy company? This is exactly what an in-home display does.

Energy monitor or in-home display takes data from your meter to display real-time and historic energy consumption on your smartphone or computer. The IHDs are also referred to as home electricity monitors, household energy monitors or electricity consumption trackers.


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    Previously installed energy monitor under the gov’t scheme?

    Free energy monitor installation under VEU program

    The Victoria government offers free energy monitor (in-home display) installation under the Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU) program. It helps Victorian residents save money on electricity consumption, All Victorian households qualify for a free In-home display installation.

    We offer Emerald EMS In-home display free under the VEU program. Emerald EMS helps you understand how much electricity is being consumed in your home and when.

    Requirement: Electricity bill and smartphone.

    Why install energy monitor under the govt. rebate program in Victoria?

    The state government has set a target of reducing the carbon footprint of Victoria by 65% before 2031 to meet the 2016 Paris Agreement. The objective of the international treaty is to reduce global carbon footprints by switching to energy-efficient alternatives to reduce energy consumption.

    To achieve greater energy efficiency, the Victoria government rebate program aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by providing access to discounted energy-efficient products and services.

    What is energy usage monitor or in-home display?

    In-home display (IHD) or energy usage monitor is a portable device used with a smart meter. The device visualizes your energy consumption in form of graphs or charts on your smartphone or computer. The device does not have a built-in display.

    It allows you to track your power usage in real-time as well as on an hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly basis. It offers complete control over your daily or monthly energy usage. With an In-home display, Victorian households can get real-time energy usage and consumption cost feedback. This facilitates energy savings by developing energy conservation habits in household energy consumers.

    Free in-home-display installation in Victoria Australia

    Why do I need an energy monitor (IHD)?

    Your energy retailer generates your electricity bill (unless you opted for uniform or standard tariff) based on differential pricing. The difference in grid electricity prices varies proportionally to availability of electricity supply.

    During supply abundance, there is a drop in electricity pricing. It surges to peak
    levels when the demand rises to maximum.

    To keep tabs on time-of-use tariff and pricing, In-home display comes in handy. This device triggers an alert on your smartphone/computer whenever there is a spike in pricing.

    It allows you to schedule your energy-intensive tasks to a time when there is high energy availability and prices are low.

    After installing an in-home display, you can easily track when to run the power-hungry appliances (during low electricity demand) or turn them off or lower the usage when demand is high.

    Small businesses and households in Queensland now can avail rebates on dishwasher, refrigerators, air-cons, heat pump hot water systems and solar hot water systems under Queensland appliance rebate program.

    Free In-Home Display Unit - Victorian Government Initiative

    How does energy monitor work?

    Energy monitors or in-home display systems have three components—a sensor, a transmitter, and a receiver. The sensor unit (which measures energy consumption) has an optical meter or magnetometer to measure the kWh usage. Some sensors are also based on the current transformer (CT).

    The transmitter sends consumption data from the sensor to the receiver (via Bluetooth). Data transmission range is 25 meters indoors and 80 meters outdoors.

    How does energy monitor/IHD help me in making informed decisions?

    In-home display brings all your electricity consumption info on your smartphone or computer in graphical format to help you easily understand your power usage and decide whether to run a high load appliance like water heater or schedule it to a time when tariff is low.

    Here is a step-by-step guide to IHD led energy-saving:

    • Install IHD and connect it to your smart meter.
    • As soon as IHD is installed and connected to your Android/Apple smartphone, you will be able to track and view your electricity usage in real time.
    • IHD starts alerting you when energy is wasted; it sends time of use (TOU) rate notifications in real-time and informs you when appliances need your attention.
    • You make informed decisions based on alerts sent by the IHD or real-time info displayed by the IHD app on your smartphone or computer.

    Energy monitor or in-home display features

    Besides providing live data about your electricity consumption, the device also creates a baseline for your home based on historical data. Whenever your residential electricity usage changes, the device will notify you so that you can figure out what action you need to take.

    Emerald EMS energy monitor features

    • Real-time tracking and measurement of your energy consumption.
    • View real-time electricity use and compare it with the past billing periods.
    • Watch your energy use levels go up (or down when you turn an appliance off) as you turn a home appliance on.
    • Get your weekly energy utilization report via Android/iOS app.
    • Set monthly spending targets through the energy calculator.
    • See how you are performing against your target.
    • Receive alerts when you reach 75%, 100% & 125% of your target.
    • Connect unlimited Android/Apple smartphone devices to Emerald EMS.
    • With a connected device that remains at home (a tablet or an iPad, for example), track your energy usage outside the home by connecting your smartphone to the home tablet/smartphone.
    • Electricity saving tips on Emerald EMS app.

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