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How VEET Scheme for Victorian Households Works? What’s in it for You?

Victorian Energy Efficiency Target (VEET) scheme commenced in January 2009 aims to make the shift from old lights to the new, energy-saving LEDs which are affordable and feasible for the Victorian households and businesses. With the VEET Scheme for Victorian Households, the federal government wants to achieve the nation’s goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This initiative comes under the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target Act 2007 and is administered by the Essential Services Commission (ESC)which regulates all the activities carried out under the program. This scheme will operate until January 2030 and the authorities aim to achieve the target well within a stipulated time.

How VEET Scheme Works?

To make energy upgrades more viable and affordable for everyone in the state, the VEET scheme is channeled to the end-users through the Accredited Persons (APs) who are appointed and authorized by the governing body to issue Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates (VEECs). The certificates determine the amount of subsidy or rebate applicable to an energy upgrade. How many VEECs need to be created for an energy upgrade are determined by the AP on the basis of greenhouse gas abatement through the installation of energy-efficient products. One certificate, generally, is equal to one tonne of CO2 abated through the installation of LED products. More the VEECs, the higher the amount of CO2 abated, hence more subsidy for a consumer. These certificates are created strictly in accordance with the VEET Act and specified guidelines. Marketing practices and installation activities carried out by the APs and their representatives have to abide by the guidelines of the ESC for the smooth functioning of the scheme. Only A-grade electricians can swap old lights with new energy-efficient lights. This is initiated with booking a free appointment and assessment of the property. All the products installed, whether it’s a residential or commercial property, are approved under the VEET scheme. The installer cannot install a product and brand not approved under the scheme.

What’s in it for me?

Well, the LED lights replacement under VEET scheme offers 80% energy saving as compared to old lights. LED lights are highly energy efficient because LEDs don’t heat up and 85% or more electric energy is converted into light. The movement of electrons in a semiconductor material for illumination is the reason for low energy consumption. New generation LEDs are more safe, efficient, and durable than halogen or incandescent lights. These lights can last for a decade. Moreover, LEDs are designed in such a way that they are 100% recyclable. As discussed before, the sole purpose of the government initiative is to make energy upgrades affordable so that you end up giving away less money to your energy retailer as utility bill. And what’s more, you will save hundreds or even thousands of dollars on maintenance costs fixing blown bulbs. Fill in the contact form below to replace incandescent, CFL bulbs, halogen downlights and fluorescent tubes in your house with energy-efficient LED bulbs and downlights today.