Government LED High Bay Replacement Program

Government LED High Bay Replacement Program: Free in Victoria

The government LED high bay replacement under the VEU Program (aka VEET Scheme) is initiated by the Victoria government to provide small businesses free or discounted upgrades to energy-efficient LED lights. As a business owner, you will be surprised to know by replacing old high bays in your commercial establishment with state-of-the-art LED high bay lights, you can reduce your energy consumption by over 80% and save thousands on power bills. This is possible because LED lights are highly energy-efficient, extremely durable, and tend to produce virtually no heat, saving a great deal on power and maintenance costs compared to traditional lighting options like halogen, metal halide, and mercury vapour high bays.

LED High Bays for Warehouse, Factory & Retail Stores

Government LED High Bay Replacement Program If you own a warehouse, manufacturing unit, or retail unit and have power-guzzling halogen high bays to show, it’s time for you to consider the LED light upgrade program in Victoria and have them replaced with LED high bays for FREE under the rebate scheme. If you want your business to look attractive and your employees to feel comfortable while working, have the LEDs installed today. Traditional high bays tend to flicker and get dimmer over time, which amounts to these lights consuming more light. This also translates into inflated energy bills. Not to mention, the risk of workplace fire that always lurks in the dark. LED lights are safe as they run at a cool temperature and have a positive impact on work performance owing to the fact that they convert over 95% of electricity into light. Moreover, LEDs emit more stable and consistent light, which helps in enhanced workplace productivity. LED high bay lights are great for warehouses and manufacturing units especially because they offer superior lumen output along with over 50,000 hours of lifespan. Meaning no maintenance cost because you don’t need to hire a scissor or boom lift to reach out to the high ceilings of your warehouse or factory to replace blown bulbs for the next ten years.

Takeaways of Upgrading Your Business to LED:

  • Reduce your energy bills by over 80%
  • Better illumination at a reduced cost
  • Improve productivity at the workplace
  • Save on bulb replacement costs
  • Reduce your air conditioning cost
  • Protect your business against future energy price hikes
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
Install exhaust fan seals to significantly reduce your air-conditioning costs.

Benefits of Government LED High Bay Replacement Program

The biggest reason why your business should upgrade to LED high bay lights from metal halide and mercury vapor high bays is that you don’t have to pay any money for the upgrade. The removal of old high bays and installation of new, LED high bays is done for free under the VEU scheme. The VEU program is one of the most popular energy efficiency initiatives in the state. All our LED upgrades are done under this program. Currently, we are replacing old high bays with LED high bays for no cost – yes! Absolutely FREE. That’ll help you save upwards of 80% on your electricity cost. Fill in the contact form below to replace old high bays in your warehouse or factory with energy-efficient LED high bays today. Our expert installer will get in touch with you to conduct a free onsite assessment.

FAQs about Government LED High Bay Replacement Program

Q: Is LED high bay replacement under the VEU program still available?

A: Yes. Q: How to replace LED high bay lights for Free under the government program in Victoria?  A: First, you need to contact an LED installer approved under the VEU program. The installer will start the LED replacement process by fixing an appointment with you to perform a free assessment of your site. The lighting assessment is followed by a detailed proposal and a visit from one of our A-grade electricians who will replace old high bays with new, energy-efficient LED high bay lights. Q: Is LED high bay replacement completely free under the government program?  A: Yes, it is free if your business has a minimum number of old lights to be replaced. The VEU program is a state-run rebate program that encourages businesses across Victoria to switch to energy-efficiency LED lights. Q: Are there any hidden charges? A: No. You don’t have to pay anything for the installation of new LED products and recycling of old products.  Q: Are LED installers employed by the Victorian government? A: No. They are employed by an Accredited Provider approved by the Victoria government to facilitate LED lighting upgrades. Q: Who should I contact to replace my old high bays with LED high bays under the VEU program? A: You should contact an Accredited Provider (AP) or their representatives to ensure quality installation and LED products. Q: Is my business eligible for LED upgrades under the VEU program?  A: If your business is located in Victoria state and uses old high bays such as halogen, HID, and metal halide in your business, you are eligible for the LED upgrade. However, you may require a minimum number of lights to qualify for a free upgrade. Contact us now to know if your business qualifies for a free LED upgrade.  Q: What is the process of free LED high bay replacement under the VEU scheme? A: The LED high bay replacement process starts with fixing a no-obligation appointment with business owners to perform a free assessment of the site. The assessment is followed by a detailed proposal and a visit by one of the installers/A-grade electricians who replace old high bays with LED high bays.  8) Reasons to switch to LED high bays:
  • Highly energy efficient
  • Over 60% savings on energy bills
  • 50,000 hours of operational lifespan
  • Better illumination
  • Low glare 
  • Easy to install
  • VEU-approved
  • Low/no maintenance cost
  • Iconic design    
Q: How LED high bays are better than old high bays? A: LEDs can produce the same amount of light as halogen/HID lamps but using less energy or watts. The average life expectancy of an LED bulb is over 50,000 hours. Compare that to halogen/HID lamps, which have an average life expectancy of not more than 10,000-15,000 hours. Business owners can save a lot on energy bills and maintenance costs. Q: What’s the warranty on LED high bays installed by you under the VEU program? A: LED products we install carry a 3-5-year warranty.