FREE LED Lights For Warehouse

FREE LED Lights for Warehouse – Check Your Eligibility Now

Saving energy by replacing old, halogen high bays with new LED high bays in your warehouse is a wise decision as it drastically reduces energy bills by over 70%. LED Lights for warehouse is a win-win option as it improves illumination, reduces electricity usage, and requires virtually no maintenance cost. A poorly lit facility dramatically impacts the perception and performance of your workforce, resulting in reduced output. Therefore it is important to get old lights replaced with the LED lights under the VEU government rebate scheme.

Why does your warehouse need an LED lighting upgrade?

⇒  Save over 70% on your energy bills 

Warehouses and manufacturing units use mercury vapour or metal halide high bays. They waste a lot of energy as heat while producing little light and also contribute to greenhouse gas emissions. Replacing them with LED lights helps reduce energy bills (by over 70%) and greenhouse gas emissions.

⇒  FREE LED upgrade under VEU (formerly VEET) rebate scheme

As prescribed by the state government, warehouses and other expansive facilities that contribute a lot to the nation’s overall energy consumption and carbon emissions through inefficient lighting are eligible for LED lighting upgrades under the VEU government rebate scheme.

Other benefits of LED lights for Warehouse

⇒  Longer bulb lifespan: LEDs have a longer lifespan – over 25,000-50,000 hours since they emit negligible heat. Whereas heat emission in halogen lights is very high. ⇒  Reduced maintenance cost: The maintenance cost of LEDs is nearly zero when compared with traditional lighting products. This ensures lots of cost savings and peace of mind in the long run. ⇒  Safer work environment: Due to high heat emission in halogen bulbs, they are susceptible to breakage or blow-ups, making them unsafe for the workplace. LEDs, on the other hand, run on a cool temperature, hence are far safer than old bulbs. Moreover, the uniform distribution of light means no dark areas in the workplace, which eliminates workplace hazards and accidents. ⇒  Improved productivity: LED lights distribute light uniformly as compared to halogen bulbs, creating a pleasant work environment. Also, they are easy on the eyes which reduces the chances of premature fatigue. Moreover, LED light mimics natural light which causes bodily reaction of alertness, resulting in improved productivity.

How to upgrade your warehouse to LEDs?

Upgrading your warehouse to LED lights is easy. We book an appointment and confirm the time of visit. The appointment confirmation is followed by a no-obligation onsite assessment of your facility by a team of expert installers. A thorough inspection of the site is conducted to assess existing lights and propose an alternate lighting solution that is highly energy efficient. All details related to the lighting upgrade are mentioned in the proposal. Once we get a go-ahead from you, our team of experienced, A-grade electricians will carry out the LED installation in a time-bound manner so that there is minimal disruption to your operations.

⇒  Check out our LED upgrade process here

Why go LED with us?

As an expert commercial lighting specialist, we ensure your journey to energy efficiency is as smooth and rewarding as possible. We help upgrade all types of businesses, irrespective of facility size. Right from a small warehouse to a large facility, there is no limit to our capability when it comes to proving quality, energy-efficient lighting upgrades under the VEU rebate program. A well-planned strategy, combined with a team of skilled installers and quality commercial LED products ensures improved illumination that increases productivity and energy efficiency that saves thousands a year on power bills. We also educate our clients about how to achieve better illumination at the lowest possible power consumption and benefits of energy efficiency. Getting the LED lighting upgrade done by an experienced LED installer matters the most when it comes to improving the illumination, ambiance, energy efficiency, and cost-effectiveness of your business. Fill in the contact form below to get old lights in your warehouse replaced with energy-efficient LED lights for free today. Our expert installer will get in touch with you to conduct a free onsite assessment.