Exhaust Fan Seals – Free under VEU Program

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Free Exhaust Fan Seals for Victorian Households

Air sealing or covering of exhaust fan vents and chimney flue is a part of weatherizing or weather-proofing plan of the homeowners.

A large number of residential properties in Victoria have exhaust fans either loosely fitted to ceiling / windows or exhaust fan vents without covers / air seals (otherwise known as back draft stoppers).

Open exhaust fans vents or gaps must be sealed with draft stoppers to maintain a set humidity and temperature level inside your home.

If you’re a Victorian household, get your exhaust fans covered and sealed with draft stoppers for free under the VEU (Victorian Energy Upgrades) program.



    Why do you need draft stoppers to seal the exhaust fans?

    Besides venting hot fumes from home appliances like gas stoves or gas heaters, exhaust or extractor fans also let in cold air during winter months and blazing hot air during the summers.

    It adversely affects your home energy efficiency. Installing a self-closing exhaust fan seal, sealing chimney flue, and insulating doors and windows could reduce your energy consumption on air conditioning by over 55%.

    To keep your home warm during winter and cool during the sweltering summers, covering all the exhaust fan vents with self-closing dampers becomes essential.

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    Does self-sealing exhaust fans improve home energy efficiency?

    When an exhaust fan is not in operation, it lets in cold/hot air inside your home. This alters the room temperature significantly.

    To offset the increased / decreased room temperature, your home air-con units draw extra energy from the grid, resulting in a big spike in the energy use.Install-free-exhaust-fan-seals-in-victoria

    Benefits of air-sealing the exhaust fan vents

    • Lower air-conditioning costs
    • Improve indoor air quality
    • Better comfort
    • Safeguard your homes against recurring ember attacks
    • Lower energy bills
    • Safe indoor environment

    Problems with open exhaust fan vents

    • Cold or blistering hot air entering through exhaust fans causes discomfort to people living inside the home.
    • Deterioration of building materials and furniture due to moisture-laden air entering through exhaust vents.
    • Poor indoor air quality.
    • Potential fire hazard during ember attacks.

    How to seal the exhaust fan?

    Sealing ducted or exhaust fan without a duct or vent to stop air drafts is a simple process. A plastic casing with butterfly wings like dampers is placed over a window or ceiling exhaust fan. When the exhaust fan is not running, the dampers block the incoming air drafts.

    TimeToSave installs free exhaust fan seals under the VEU (Victorian Energy Upgrades) program. Its features are:

    • 350 mm diameter
    • 160 mm height
    • Ultralight recyclable polycarbonate material
    • Fire-resistant casing
    • Easy installation
    • VEU program approved
    • 5-year manufacturer warranty
    • Ceiling / attic access is not required (can be installed from below).
    • Automatic shutters
    • Dry wall/ceiling mountable
    • Designed for longer continuous use
    • Suitable for bathrooms, kitchens, and laundries in residential premises

    Free exhaust fan sealing installation under VEU program

    Ceiling or window exhaust fan seals and installation are absolutely free of charge under the Victorian government’s flagship VEU program. The installation is done by a licensed A-grade electrician.

    How does a self-closing exhaust fan seal or cover work?

    When the exhaust fan is turned on, disc-shaped dampers flip open and remains in open position. The moment it is turned off, the dampers/covers return to their closed position.

    VEU Program Victoria

    Installation process

    Installation steps our electrician follows:

    • Turns off the power switch.
    • Removes the exhaust fan cover.
    • Removes fan casing screws.
    • Inserts the first part of exhaust fan seal through the hole.
    • Inserts the second part of exhaust fan seal through the hole.
    • Clips both ends of the exhaust fan seal parts.
    • Center and align exhaust fan seal with exhaust fan hole
    • Screw the exhaust fan back to the ceiling.
    • Tests the exhaust fan and air draft stopper.

    Fan seal can be installed from inside the house – no ceiling access is required. The build material is lightweight and fire-resistant.


    Safety precautions

    Here are key safety precautions a sparky must take during the installation of the back draft stopper for an exhaust fan.

    • Conduct the installation in a space that is sufficiently ventilated.
    • Gather all the tools and materials before starting the installation
    • Clean any debris or dirt around and over the exhaust fan.
    • Install the draft stopper package as per the manufacturer’s instructions.
    • Choose a damper that fits the drywall/ceiling exhaust fan opening.
    Back Draft Stopper for exhaust fan