Free Electricity Usage Monitor For Victorian Households Under VEU Program

Free Electricity Usage Monitor for Victorian Homes under VEU Program

Victorian Energy Upgrades help you save money and help the environment at the same time by reducing your carbon footprints and your home electricity bills too. The program is run and backed by the Victoria state government to make energy efficiency upgrades affordable for all. Installing an electricity usage monitor to monitor and control your household electricity usage is another initiative under the VEU program.

What is an electricity usage monitor or in-home display (IHD)?

Electricity usage monitor (aka in-home display) helps you in keeping track of your household electricity consumption by displaying instantaneous/past energy usage data from your smart meter. With an IHD device, you can easily monitor your electricity usage in real time. Thanks to the wireless home energy monitors, you can see how much electricity your household uses and how much it’ll cost you.  In addition to keeping track of your energy consumption, the electricity usage monitor can help you take appropriate measures to reduce your energy costs. By taking appropriate action based on your electricity usage pattern, it helps you find out which are the most energy-devouring appliances and when to turn them on or off. You can program this monitor with energy bills for estimating usage cost per month, day, hour, or between any desired period. 

Why electricity usage monitor is free for Victorian residents?

Australia ranks highest among the countries emitting the most GHGs per capita, and its performance is at rock bottom in the climate change performance index. To reduce greenhouse gas emissions in producing electricity, the Essential Services Commission (ESC) offers energy efficiency upgrades and products to households and businesses through the VEU program to reduce their energy usage and costs. Installing electricity usage monitors free of cost is another initiative by the state government to help Victorian residents achieve energy efficiency.

How to claim your free electricity usage monitor?

You need to send us your contact details and address by filling the form below. One of our team members will contact you and fix an appointment. He will arrive with the IHD device and install it. He will also brief you about the product and how to monitor energy usage using the app. You don’t have to pay anything for the product or the installation. It’s completely free!

How does it work? 

The electricity monitor is connected directly to your smart meter. It further sends the usage data over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to your smartphone or selected device. The data is represented analytically in graphical form for tracking and reporting.

How does an electricity monitor help manage my energy usage? 

The home energy usage monitor or IHD helps you estimate and break down your energy usage. When you’re able to understand how you consume energy in a household, it becomes easy to take relevant actions to decrease your home energy bills.  With an electricity monitor, you’ll be able to:
  • Check your monthly, weekly, or daily energy costs
  • Check electricity usage of every appliance and lighting globes
  • Set your monthly energy budget. 
To save energy, follow these steps: Check the IHD when most-used appliances are on, such as your fridge or AC. It shows the basic cost of energy running in your house. 
  • After that, switch on other appliances one by one. 
  • Again, check the monitor to see how other appliances increase the cost. 
  • With this data, adjust your usage pattern according to off-peak tariff timings.
  • Use your electricity-hungry appliances only when there is a cheaper tariff.
  • Now, set a realistic monthly or weekly budget for keeping a tab on energy consumption. 
  • Also, check the IHD before you go out. It will help you check if you have left too many appliances switched on. 
The usage monitor will also help you figure out the impact of the given actions: 
  • Washing clothes in cold water rather than hot water.
  • Taking showers rather than bath
  • Heating half-full or full kettle
  • Choosing eco-setting on a dishwasher
  • Using LED lighting instead of conventional incandescent or CFL bulbs
Once everything is up and running, it is interesting to find out how much energy each appliance can use. With this information, it is easier to make small changes in your daily life for reducing energy usage. After using IHD for a few weeks, check the app for more detailed information about usage. On the app, you can check easy-to-understand graphs for helping you spot your energy usage patterns. You can use these graphs to take actions on energy-intensive appliances usage to cut down the energy bills even more. 

Take control of your energy consumption and save money

The electricity usage monitoring device with a dedicated app enables you to track and extrapolate your energy usage. Meanwhile, it also provides you the information you need for adjusting your home electricity usage habits. With the help of the home electricity monitoring device, you can sync your home energy usage to meet your household budget and financial commitments. You can cool down or heat your house, or simply turn on the lighting at certain times, whenever the sensors are activated or when you are out on a vacation. 

How to get the most out of your in-home display/energy usage monitor

Here are some simple ways to make the most of your electricity usage monitor:
  • Track previous usage of energy, as well as present usage.
  • Figure out when the peak and off-peak energy usage times are. And, try to make changes in your schedule to ensure these peak hours have limited energy usage. 
  • Never leave appliances on standby. It is best to turn them off. 
  • Switch to a complete smart home. 
  • Also, install a better broadband connection. 

Changing your habits

The main advantage of using the energy monitoring system is that you get better control through the information it provides. So, you can assess energy consumption while looking for ways to save money.  Firstly, find out how much energy is consumed when your home is ‘at rest’. It is the amount of energy used at night or when everyone is not at home. This is referred to as the ‘base load’. To check it, you need to switch off everything that doesn’t need to be on. For instance, switch off your lights and appliances, like washing machines, TVs, etc. If any appliance is on standby, turn it off at the socket. 
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Things you don’t have to switch off are electric clocks, fridge freezer, medical equipment, and home-entertainment set-top boxes, etc. The complete usage of all these will be shown on the monitor. And, that’s your ‘base load’.   After that, switch on things one by one. It will give you an idea of which appliances and gadgets consume the most electricity. You will get to know that some appliances use more energy but are often on for a short amount of time (like a kettle). And, certain appliances use more energy because they are running for a long time (such as halogen lights or tumble driers). Using all this information, you get a complete idea about energy savings or where energy is being wasted.  Do you have any appliances left on standby, or just use more energy-consuming appliances for shorter periods? If anyone in your house is involved with this, you can work with them to bright energy consumption down while saving your money. It is advantageous to do so for a long time – not only when you start using the IHD or energy monitor.