Free Chimney Seals For Victorian Households

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Free Fireplace Chimney Seal in Victoria

Install free chimney seals — otherwise known as chimney/flue dampers — under the Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU) program and slash your energy and air-conditioning costs right away.

Every household who has a fireplace (esp. Victorian) should install a damper to stop heated/cooled ambient (indoor) air from escaping out — through flue/chimney hole — and to keep out the rains, debris, dust, insects, moths, and animals.

A chimney damper helps in maintaining room temperature by blocking hot air masses (during summers) from entering through the flue hole and during winters, it stops an icy draught from coming through the hole.



    Why You Should Seal A Chimney Flue Hole?

    The heat loss/gain prevented by a chimney seal results in significant energy-saving, and eventually it translates into mitigation of carbon emissions — the primary goal of the VEU program of the Victoria state.

    Similar to sealing exhaust fans, sealing of chimney holes through dampers is a key task for draught proofing or winterize a home.

    And if you live in colder regions of Australia (like NSW and Victoria), draught-proofing becomes even more critical. Those sneaky leaks in your home can jack up your energy bills by a staggering 20 percent during winter time.

    Free Chimney Seals (flue dampers) For Victorian Households

    Weather proofing rebates for installation and products are currently being offered under VEU program. All Victorian households (except those who have ventless fireplaces) are eligible for the weather proofing rebates and upgrades.

    Under this rebate program, a Victorian household who has a wood fireplace at home can apply for a free and reusable chimney seal/damper (including free installation upgrade).


    The weather proofing/sealing activities were added to VEU program by Victorian Energy Efficiency Target Amendment (Weather Sealing) Regulations in 2017. The Chimney seal upgrades are listing under Activity 15G of the program.

    To be eligible for the upgrades, a Victorian household:

    • Should choose a Chimney seal product that meets the criteria listed under the Activity 15G of VEU program.
    • Have a wood fireplace without a Chimney seal or flue damper.
    • Must select a sealing product of a size that fits correctly to the Chimney flue hole.
    • Must apply for the rebates through a business accredited under the VEU program.

    Benefits of sealing chimney hole

    • Lower air-conditioning costs
    • Improve indoor air quality
    • Better comfort
    • Improved energy-efficiency
    • Reduced draughts
    • Keep out the rains, debris, dust, insects, moths

    Problems with open chimney flue hole

    • Cold/hot air entering through the flue hole causes discomfort to people living inside the home.
    • Causes air-conditioning bills to spike
    • Carbon monoxide can leak into your home.

    How A Chimney Seal Works?

    To understand the operation of a chimney seal, we first need to understand how a chimney/flue works. Hot air is less dense than cold air, and it rises when it gets hot. A chimney or fireplace flue works on the same principle.

    When you lit a fire inside the firebox of a fireplace, the air inside the flue gets hot and it rises. The rising air creates a draught and causes cool air to be sucked into the fireplace.

    A chimney seal acts like a window, which controls the airflow through the fireplace flue. The airflow control happens at the throat/base of the flue is the seal is throat-mounted and at the top of the flue is the seal is top-mounted. To block the draughts, a homeowner should always keep the chimney seal closed when the fireplace is not in use.

    How to install a chimney seal?

    The chimney seal we offer under the VEU program are temporary and reusable. When the fireplace is not in use and the flue/chimney surface is cool, push the head of chimney seal up the flue hole. To ensure a good fit, give it a gentle tug down and see the seal is airtight nor not.

    Types of Chimney Seals

    • Throat-mounted seals: Such dampers are installed at the throat (base) of the chimney or flue.
    • Top-mounted seals: Installed at the top of the chimney. They are opened/closed with a chain.
    • Inflatable/balloon seals: These damper are made of inflatable polythene materials. When inflated, such dampers forms an airtight seal that completely blocks the draughts.

    TimeToSave installs free chimney flue hole seals under the VEU (Victorian Energy Upgrades) program. Its features are:

    • Flexible design ensures suitability with a wide range of chimney flue hole shapes and sizes
    • Blocks incoming and outgoing draughts
    • Easy removal and reusable design
    • Fire-resistant casing
    • Easy installation
    • VEU program approved
    • 5-year manufacturer warranty
    • Easy installation
    • Easy Removal
    Damper fitted above chimney firebox

    Tips For Increasing Efficiency of a Fireplace

    • Always keep the flue dampers closed when the fireplace is not in use.
    • Use a dry wood that burns slowly and releases let smokes/fumes.
    • Build a small fire
    • Regularly clean the chimney flue
    • Install a glass door to prevent heat loss and fire hazards.
    Free chimney seal under Victoria VEU program