Commercial LED Lighting Under VEU Program In Victoria

Commercial LED Lighting: Does it Have any Benefits?

Property owners and business managers put lots of efforts and value into making their premises beautiful and keeping their running cost in check. No secret that creating a cool ambiance doesn’t come cheap. This is where commercial LED lighting comes into play. Traditional lights (halogen and metal halides) put a huge load on power bills, which can be reduced by over 80% by simply switching to LED lights. The Victorian government is encouraging residential as well as commercial setups across the state to make the switch to energy-efficient lighting products and appliances (such as heat pump hot water systems) under the VEU rebate scheme and reduce energy costs by big margins. Facilities covered under the Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU) program include:
  • Warehouses
  • Industries/Manufacturing units
  • Offices
  • Retail stores
  • Undercover car park
  • Aged care
  • Hotels and restaurants
When looking for a commercial LED lighting upgrade, always look for options that reduce energy and maintenance costs while adding aesthetic value that increases productivity. At TIMETOSAVE, we provide lighting solutions that help reduce energy costs and impact on the environment. We make this possible by upgrading conventional, energy-consuming lights to energy-efficient LED lights under the VEU government program.


Because keeping operation costs low is crucial for any business. When we say powering a commercial setup, it can be as big as thousands of dollars on energy bills. Hence, over 80% reduction in power bills is like bringing your energy costs from thousands to down a few hundred dollars. Hence, the simple step in this direction is to work smart with the energy usage and turn it into savings by switching to energy-efficient LED lighting through the right energy partner. Find out more about Commercial LED Lighting Upgrade

Advantages of commercial LED lighting upgrade:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Extended life
  • Cold temperature operation
  • Durability
  • Instant on
  • Better controllability
  • No IR or UV emissions
  • Colour without compromise
At TIMETOSAVE, we give our customers the power to select the right type of lights by providing a variety of brands to choose from. For example, you want old high bays replaced with the LED ones, we have more than 10 brands to choose from. We offer full flexibility to let you make your choice and energy solutions that are best for you. Warehouse lights are known to be the most energy-consuming lights, as each high bay uses a 400W mercury vapour or metal halide bulb. We replace a 400W bulb with a 90W, 100W, 120W or 150W bulb, depending on the lumen requirement of your business, meaning energy savings per bulb is as high as 25%. Commercial LED lighting products offered by us are designed to create an inviting ambiance. Ambiance and atmosphere matter when it comes to producing quality output, whether it’s a corporate office or a manufacturing unit. LED lighting increases efficiency and lowers energy costs whether it’s a big warehouse, departmental store, or an aged care facility. Commercial spaces require an environment that allows professionals to work under bright, clean, and calm lighting. Our commercial LED lighting solutions are tailor-made to address these requirements. Just like interiors, an appropriate lighting solution for outdoors is equally important, because this provides better visibility, safety, and beauty to a commercial space. And more than beauty and aesthetics, it’s about reducing your energy consumption and environmental impact through reduced greenhouse gas emissions – which is the main objective of the VEU scheme. We have a diversity of LED products from reputed brands like Philips, Ledvance Osram, and the like, to suit each and every type of setting and establishment. From a massive warehouse to a small cabin in the office, we have a wide range of LED products to complement every space type. The products are highly energy-efficient and hence eco-friendly. Efficiency is the key to success for your business, and only an establishment with efficient lighting can produce desirable results. Fill in the contact form below to get old lights in your business replaced with energy-efficient LED lights today. Our expert installer will get in touch with you to conduct a free onsite assessment.