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7 Red Hill Drive Doncaster East.

How the LED upgrade made a difference for EPSA

Lights Replaced


Annual Lighting Cost Before LEDs


Est. Maintenance Savings


Annual Lighting Cost After LEDs


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Annual Savings With LED


LED lighting upgrade is the most effective way in which you and your business save money.Australia has committed to reduce its carbon emission intensity by 65% till 2030 to achieve this target Victoria introduced Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU). This scheme is designed to make energy efficient more obtainable by Victorian businesses.

  1. We are LED experts in Victoria

    TimeToSave Pty Ltd is a full service LED specialist based out of Victoria. We design tailor-made energy plans and install highly energy-efficient LED products to lower your energy bills up to70%. From tubes in the office, to high bays in the warehouse and everything in between, we have best LED lights that suit your varying needs.
  2. Why choose us?

    • Your one-stop-shop energy experts
    • Australian-owned business
    • Powered by a team of 100+ qualified A-grade electricians across Victoria
    • Strong pre and post compliance checks by quality auditors
    • VEU-approved LED products
    • Up to 80% reduction in power usage, i.e., significant savings on energy bills
    • Direct to customer model to provide the fastest LED installation
    • Efficient and quality LED installation
    • Major partnerships with big LED brands
    • Regular onsite audits to ensure all upgrades meet customer expectations
    • Results-oriented
    • Innovative thinking


Australia is committed to reducing its carbon emission intensity by 65% by 2030. To achieve this target, Victoria state introduced the Victorian Energy Upgrade Program (formerly VEET) to achieve the target. This scheme is designed to make energy efficiency more obtainable by Victorian businesses and households. TIMETOSAVE provides premium LED lighting solutions for residential and businesses like retail, industries, manufacturing units, warehouse, storage, undercover car parks, offices. Our products are VEU-approved and highly energy-efficient. They reduce resource consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, and overall operating costs.

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