LED Panels for Age Care Homes

Do you run an aged care facility in Victoria? Have you considered an energy efficiency upgrade? An aged care facility runs round the clock and among several other things, proper lighting is an essential part of the care provided to the elderly.

The residents should receive sufficient natural or artificial light in bedrooms and hallways during the day and not be exposed to intense light during the night. Lighting in day rooms where the aged socialize or relax with friends & family should be optimum.

We can replace panels with 36W T8/T5 tubes with 12-16W LED panels for absolutely free that last longer, provide better illumination and consume much less electricity. As part of the Australian government’s rebate schemes, we provide subsidized LED lighting upgrade to aged care facilities in VIC.

With a wide range of LED lighting solutions available for aged care facilities and professional, certified LED installers, you never have to worry about your facility’s diverse functional requirements.

Disclaimer: The Victoria government has removed incentives for residential and commercial lighting activities (with an exception for T8/T5 tubes in commercial units) with effect from 1 February, 2023.


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